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Being of significant Historical Interest, The Original Parchments (1673 to 1766) and Volume I (1766 to 1866) are now entrusted into the care of The North Yorkshire County Archivist at The North Yorkshire County Council.
All our Records are reproduced here for your viewing pleasure.

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ShootDateCaptain of the ArrowLieutenantVenueNo. of
114 May 1673Henry Calverley M.P.William WheatleyScorton22
204 Jun 1674George DobsonGeorge DobsonBarton22
320 May 1675Samuel BirkbeckG Dodson & T AllensonEriholme23
409 May 1676Thomas DodsworthSamuel BirbeckCroft17
510 May 1677John DawsonSamuel BirbeckCroft14
605 Sep 1678Leo. BrakenburyLoftus SquireMelsonby7
711 Jun 1679John MurtonJohn DawsonMelsonby3
808 Jun 1680Thomas GyllLoftus SquireMelsonby9
912 May 1681Nicholas ThompsonLeo. BrakenburyBarton7
1682Tournament Not Held0
1013 Jun 1683Thomas GarthornNicholas ColeEriholme12
1113 May 1684Philip EtheringtonPhilip EtheringtonEriholme14
1212 May 1685Richard WilkinsonRichard MarshallEriholme19
1308 Jun 1686Richard GrimstonJohn SadlerEriholme22
1419 May 1687Leo. BrakenburyPercival RobinsonMelsonby18
1525 July 1688Richard GrimstonPhilip EtheringtonMelsonby15
1604 July 1689Leo. BrakenburyJohn LawsonMelsonby14
1712 Jun 1690Leo. BrakenburyNicholas ThompsonMelsonby12
1818 Jun 1691William GarthornJohn PilkingtonMelsonby13
1931 May 1692Reginald SteadmanGeorge HartleyDarlington15
2030 May 1693George HartleyGeorge TrotterBarton12
2130 May 1694George HartleyGeorge TrotterMiddleton-Tyas14
2201 July 1695Marmaduke HartleyLeonard BrakenburyMelsonby12
2302 July 1696Marmaduke HartleyThomas GyllBarton13
2429 July 1697William RaineWilliam RaineMiddleton-Tyas14
1698Tournament Not Held0
1699Tournament Not Held0
2502 July 1700Marmaduke HartleyThomas GyllBarton15
1701Tournament Not Held0
2601 Oct 1702Robert EdenWilliam RaineDarlington9
2704 Jun 1703Nicholas ThompsonGeorge HarlandPiercebridge11
2816Aug 1704Nicholas ThompsonLeonard BrakenburyBarton15
2901 Aug 1705Nicholas ThompsonNicholas ThompsonBarton13
3014 Aug 1706Anthony HammondRalph LodgeBarton11
3105 Jun 1707Christopher BridgewaterJoseph EtheringtonHartforth10
3227 Aug 1708Robert RobinsonRichard WilsonHartforth17
3305 Jul 1709Edward HornerNicholas ThompsonRichmond18
3427 Jun 1710Richard Hutchinson
Robert Robinson
Thomas ThwaitesRichmond11
3515 Aug 1711Leonard BrakenburyGeorge GarnetRichmond13
3616 Sep 1712Mr HammondMr TheobaldsRichmond21
3716 Sep 1713Thomas ThwaitesRichard WilsonHartforth24
3816 Aug 1714John RobinsonEdward HornerRichmond13
3919 Jul 1715Leonard HartleyRichard WilsonRichmond12
4005 Nov 1716John WilkinsonThomas ThwaitesBarton17
4118 Jul 1717John WilkinsonRobert RobinsonPiercebridge9
4222 Jul 1718Robert RobinsonEdward BellRichmond17
4328 May 1719Thomas ThwaitesRobert RobinsonRichmond8
4430 Jun 1720Cuthbert RouthRobert RobinsonRichmond12
4529 Sep 1721Robert RobinsonEdward BellRichmond17
4606 Sep 1722Alcolm MilbankeCuthbert RouthRichmond15
4706 Sep 1723Edward BellJames WhiteBlack Bull15
4828 May 1724Alcolm MilbankeRobert RobinsonRichmond10
4909 Sep 1725Robert RobinsonRobert RobinsonBlack Bull8
5024 Sep 1726Codrington John PressickJames WhiteRichmond13
5109 Jun 1727Robert RobinsonWilliam DobsonYarm12
5215 Jul 1728Dr BellRobert RobinsonCroft16
5317 Jul 1729William BrownJames CookeCroft19
5411 Jun 1730William Davile JnrMatthew WassRichmond15
5516 Sep 1731Mr C Redshaw JnrMr H Nicholls JnrRichmond13
5627 Jul 1732James WhiteThomas KellyRichmond17
5731 May 1733Joseph CoatesWilliam BrownePeircebridge13
5820 Jun 1734Joseph CoatesPeter MarleyRichmond14
5924 Jun 1735Joseph CoatesThomas ThwaitesRichmond13
6016 Jun 1736John PlumbThomas KellyRichmond16
6116 Jun 1737Peter MarleyPeter MarleyBarton20
6227 Jun 1738Rev. TheobaldsSir Hugh Smithson, Bart.
(Duke of Northumberland)
6305 Juyl 1739James WhiteJoseph CoatesLove Lane17
6417 July 1740Thomas KellyMr R SeymourPeircebridge10
6524 June 1741Thomas KellyThomas KellyRichmond9
6612 Aug 1742Joseph CoatesThomas WatsonRichmond9
6702 Aug 1743Joseph CoatesRev. TheobaldsRichmond11
6830 Aug 1744Mr R SeymourJohn PlumbRichmond9
6904 Sep 1745Sir Hugh Smithson, Bart.
(Duke of Northumberland)
Caleb RedshawPeircebridge11
7005 Aug 1746Joseph CoatesJohn PlumbStanwick18
7127 Aug 1747Richard RobinsonMr R SeymourRichmond17
7225 Aug 1748Joseph ApplebyThomas KellyRichmond12
7308 Aug8 1749Isaac TrumanThomas VaneDarnton15
7425 July 1750John BowerThomas VaneDarlington14
7505 Sep 1751Joseph ApplebyThomas VaneDarlington16
7627 Aug 1752John Collier JnrJohn WrightDarlington12
7705 July 1753Mark MilbankeMr NicholsonDarlington18
7825 July 1754Rev. NicholsonWilliam ChaytorScorton19
7914 Aug 1755Mr JonesMr RobinsonHurworth20
8011 Jun 1756Robert HallRobert DavisonRichmond14
8115 July 1757Thomas Kitching
Thomas Kelly
Thomas Watson
George Rickerby
8213 Jun 1758John WrightJohn WrightRichmond12
8321 Jun 1759George RickerbyRobert HallDarlington19
8425 Jun 1760George RickerbyRobert HallLove Lane13
8507 July 1761George RickerbyThomas WatsonRichmond16
8629 Jun 1762George ThompsonRichard HodgsonRichmond15
8712 July 1763Robert HallGeorge RickerbyRichmond15
8811 Oct 1764Thomas KellyThomas KellyDarlington14
8908 July 1765Thomas WatsonThomas KellyFerryhill20

ShootDateCaptain of the ArrowLieutenantVenueNo. of ArchersInfoRecord Book
9018 Jun 1766Robert HallJohn GainfordDarlington16Yet to be
9121 July 1767Thomas RaineRobert JacksonDarlington18Yes
9224 May 1768James PorteesJohn GainfordHurworth14Yes
9304 July 1769John GainfordRobert HallDarlington7Yes
9405 July 1770Robert HallThomas WatsonRichmond9Yes
9524 July 1771John GainfordGeorge RickerbyDarlington8Yes
9615 July 1772George RickerbyJohn GainfordRichmond5Yes
1773Tournament Not Held0
1774Tournament Not Held0
9720 July 1775Thomas KellyRobert JacksonRichmond5Yes
9830 July 1776Thomas KellyMr MacfarlanRichmond6Yes
1777Tournament Not Held0
9923 July 1778Thomas KellyRobert JacksonRichmond5Yes
1779Tournament Not Held0
1780Tournament Not Held0
10018 July 1781Robert HallJames GordonRichmond14Yes
10126 Jun 1782Robert HallHenry WilsonDarlington18Yes
10210 July 1783James WilsonRobert HallDarlington7Yes
10322 Jun 1784Robert HallRobert HallDarlington8Yes
10405 Jul 1785Robert HallMr MacfarlanDarlington7Yes
10515 Aug 1786Thomas WatsonSeymour HodgsonDarlington8Yes
10626 Jun 1787Thomas WatsonJohn HaytonDarlington12Yes
10727 Jun 1787Thomas WatsonMr MacfarlanDarlington9Yes
10828 Aug 1787John GlentonMr MacfarlanRichmond9Yes
1788Tournament Not Held0Yes
1789Tournament Not Held0Yes
10918 Aug 1790Mr MacfarlanMr GlentonRichmond9Yes
11014 Jun 1791Michael BasnettMr MacfarlanRichmond9Yes
11113 July 1792Francis ThompsonThomas WatsonDarlington16Yes
11227 Jun 1793John HaytonThomas WaistellDarlington9Yes
11326 Jun 1794James GlentonThomas WaistellDarlington12Yes
11411 Aug 1795P MacfarlanJames GlentonRichmond4Yes
11508 Jun 1796James GlentonJames WensleyRichmond7Yes
11612 July 1797Thomas WycliffeGeorge MarleyRichmond8Yes
11704 July 1798P MacfarlanNot Won – adjourned to
Darlington for the
Lieutenancy on 02.08.1798
11702 Aug 1798Adjourned from 4th JulyGeorge MarleyDarlington9Yes
11813 July 1799Not WonJames WensleyRichmond7Yes
1800Tournament Not Held0
1801Tournament Not Held0
1802Tournament Not Held0
1803Tournament Not Held0
1804Tournament Not Held0
1805Tournament Not Held0
1806Tournament Not Held0
1807Tournament Not Held0
1808Tournament Not Held0
11908 Aug 1809Rev T BlackburnMr EatonRichmond15Yes
12005 Jun 1810Rev T BlackburnMr ChildRichmond20Yes
12105 Jun 1811Paul WilsonWilliam HamperRichmond14Yes
12205 Jun 1812Octavius LeefeGeorge CroftRichmond14Yes
12311 Aug 1813William E DennisonJ C IbbetsonRichmond11In progress
12421 Jun 1814Thomas FossWilliam E DennisonDarlington9Yes
12527 Jun 1815J C IbbetsonGeorge CroftRichmond12Yes
12626 Jun 1816Frank NewbyDr PeacockRichmond12Yes
1271/2 Jul 1817William StamperRobert WilsonRichmond17Yes
12814 Jul 1818Thomas GibbonJohn MetcalfDarlington19Yes
12906 Jul 1819Thomas BowmanOctavius LeefeRichmond18Yes
13022 Jun 1820Isaac FisherWilliam GibbonRichmond19Yes
13131 Jul 1821George CroftRobert WilsonRichmond15Yes
13226 Jul 1822J Smurthwaite*Isaac FisherRichmond15Yes
13327 Aug 1823Isaac FisherWilliam KirkbyScorton11Yes
13424 Aug 1824George CroftChrisptopher CroftRichmond11Yes
13525 Aug 1825Robert ThompsonChristopher CroftRichmond11Yes
13622 Aug 1826William KirkbyWilliam ReedSt Martin’s10Yes
13707 Aug 1827Thomas BowmanIsaac FisherSt Martin’s9Yes
13820 Aug 1828William KirkbyDr HornerRichmond7Yes
13904 Aug 1829Christopher CroftIsaac FisherRichmond8Yes
14003 Aug 1830George CroftWilliam KirkbyRichmond8Yes
14118 Aug 1831Ambrose ClementIsaac FisherRichmond8Yes
14208 Aug 1832Thomas SmurthwaiteGeorge CroftRichmond9Yes
14301 Aug 1833W H HardyIsaac FisherRichmond15Yes
14421 Aug 1834William CroweJames HuntonMiddleton-one-Row28Yes
14520 Aug 1835Richard OtleyWilliam PriestmanDarlington22Yes
14624 Aug 1836Robert ThompsonThomas Bradley JnrDarlington19Yes
14710 Aug 1837William PriestmanChristopher CroftRichmond20Yes
14802 Aug 1838William PriestmanGeorge CroftRichmond11Yes
14922 Aug 1839G J WilsonJames CoffeyRichmond14Yes
15019 Aug 1840R Wilson JnrJoseph ForsterDinsdale Spa10Yes
15126 Aug 1841Thomas LambertR Wilson JnrDarlington9Yes
15209 Aug 1842William StarbuckThomas SwarbreckThirsk26Yes
15309 Aug 1843Peter MuirH StewartThirsk26Yes
15430 Jul 1844Rev J HigginsonH StewartThirsk28Yes
15531 Jul 1845H PeckittJ RiderThirsk30Yes
15605 Aug 1846H StewartRev. J HigginsonThirsk23Yes
15710 Aug 1847H PeckittH StewartRichmond19Yes
15803 Aug 1848J LawsonH PeckittCatterick23Yes
15908 Aug 1849J WilsonA YoungCatterick25Yes
1602 Aug 1850G J WilsonR ChildDarlington25Yes
16119 Aug 1851T HerworthW HollinsDarlington15Yes
16225 Aug 1852A E HargroveI FisherRichmond18Yes
16327 Jul 1853J HudsonJ WilsonRichmond20Yes
16426 Jul 1854H StewartW W HargroveRichmond14Yes
16505 Sep 1855J WilsonH StewartThirsk11Yes
16623 Jul 1856J TurnerW W HargroveThirsk11Yes
16729 Jul 1857J RiderH PeckittRichmond9Yes
16811 Aug 1858J RiderJ FoxThirsk12Yes
16910 Aug 1859J WilsonH PeckittThirsk12Yes
17018 Jul 1860J FoxR FarrerThirsk10Yes
17121 Aug 1861J WilsonCapt. PollockThirsk9Yes
17230 Jul 1862J WilsonJ FoxThirsk10Yes
17329 Jul 1863H PeckittH StewartThirsk7Yes
17427 Jul 1864J WilsonJ FoxThirsk8Yes
17509 Aug 1865J FoxW SwireRichmond7Yes
17622 Aug 1866J FoxJ WilsonRichmond5Yes
ShootDateCaptain of the ArrowLieutenantVenueNo. of ArchersInfoRecord Book
17707 Aug 1867W BuchananJ FoxRichmond4Yet to be transcribedYes
17826 Aug 1868J WilsonWilliam PaleyRichmond5Yes
17911 Aug 1869J WilsonJason FoxThirsk5Yes
18026 Aug 1870J M BarwickM J BrownLeeds8Yes
18116 Aug 1871M J BrownJ WilsonLeeds5Yes
18207 Aug 1872J WilsonE D SwarbreckLeeds8Yes
18306 Aug 1873W HoughtonE D SwarbreckLeeds11Yes
18405 Aug 1874P S NevileRev. M WoodLeeds9Yes
18502 Aug 1875W HoughtonRev. M WoodDoncaster8Yes
18626 Jul 1876G G PhillipsRev. W Y FootLeeds7Yes
18707 Aug 1877W ButtJ WilsonDoncaster29Yes
18818 Jun 1878Major H J BurtonP S NevileYork12Yes
18910 Jun 1879D W PaleyA newallLeeds10Yes
19025 Aug 1880W HoughtonP S NevileRipon12Yes
19127 Jul 1881W HoughtonE D SwarbreckDoncaster3Yes
19225 Aug 1882W EveriltRev. C Perry-KeeneHarrogate40Yes
19327 Jul 1883E D SwarbreckH C PriestmanRichmond3Yes
19427 Aug 1884Lt. Col. H A BurtonDr J W EdgarSettle11Yes
19504 Sep 1885H C PriestmanG G PhillipsYork23Yes
19622 Jul 1886E D SwarbreckH C PriestmanSettle47Yes
19719 Aug 1887A NevileE D SwarbreckThirsk11Yes
19831 Aug 1888Dr S W EdgarA NewallNorthallerton9ResultsYes
19923 Aug 1889H C PriestmanW A StackhouseSettle7Yes
20021 Aug 1890C C PeckittP NevileYork10Yes
20105 Aug 1891G PhillipsJ EdgarYork4Yes
20204 Aug 1892P NevileF HydeDoncaster4Yes
20311 Aug 1893G AstonT MetcalfeYork10Yes
20428 Aug 1894G AstonJ WilsonSettle6Yes
20527 Aug 1895G AstonW BastardSettle13Yes
20625 Aug 1896H P Marriot-DoddingtonH P Marriot-DoddingtonSettle9Yes
20724 Aug 1897M MattiasJ StrakerSettle15Yes
20818 Aug 1898J StrakerJ FosterSettle5Yes
20930 Jun 1899J EdgarP NevileYork9Yes
21017 Aug 1900Ben HirdJ EdgarSettle11ResultsYes
21120 Jun 1901J FosterE MannSettle8Yes
21229 Jun 1902C Hutton CoatesJ EdgarSettle8Yes
21325 Aug 1903J Parker-JervisC PownallLeeds13Yes
21423 Aug 1904E MannJ EdgarSettle19Yes
21522 Aug 1905C PownallW CoombsSettle13Yes
21610 Sep 1906P PrinceG F HardyRichmond7Yes
21720 Sep 1907J MetcalfeJ RushtonRichmond13Yes
21829 Jul 1908C Hutton CoatesC PownallSettle5Yes
21907 Sep 1909C Hutton CoatesJ BridgesSettle8Yes
22013 Sep 1910P PrinceE C CadmanSettle16Yes
ShootDateCaptain of the ArrowLieutenantVenueNo. of ArchersInfoRecord Book
22112 Sep 1911Rev. C H CoatesE C CadmanSettle17ResultsYes
22210 Sep 1912Major R P StuartE C CadmanSettle14ResultsYes
22309 Sep 1913C K PhillipsRev. C Hutton CoatesClitheroe19ResultsYes
1914Great War – No Tournament Held0
1915Great War – No Tournament Held0
1916Great War – No Tournament Held0
1917Great War – No Tournament Held0
1918Great War – No Tournament Held0
1919Great War – No Tournament Held0
22407 Sep 1920C K PhillipsCol. R P StuartSettle7ResultsYes
2261921No Tournament Held0
1922No Tournament Held0
1923No Tournament Held0
1924No Tournament Held0
22511 Sep 1925Dr P F MannixB H SlatterthwaiteSettle7ResultsYes
22608 Sep 1926I T SandersonDr P F MannixSettle11ResultsYes
22705 Sep 1927Col. J Aspinall TurnerA J HardyLancaster13ResultsYes
22810 Sep 1928Rev. G HayterCol. J Aspinall TurnerSettle10ResultsYes
22916 Sep 1929J YatesCol. J Aspinall TurnerSettle8ResultsYes
23015 Sep 1930Lt. Col. A T PorrittG B AdamsonLancaster10ResultsYes
23114 Sep 1931Brig. Gen V de FalbeG B AdamsonLancaster19ResultsYes
23217 Sep 1932T R SlatterthwaiteE E MannRipon14ResultsYes
23316 Sep 1933T K KellyDr P F MannixLancaster13ResultsYes
23415 Sep 1934Dr P F MannixCapt. J H C CoulstonLancaster14ResultsYes
23514 Sep 1935J W I PhillipsB CrewsdonLancaster17ResultsYes
23612 Sep 1936Col. A T PorrittT K KellySalmesbury14ResultsYes
23711 Sep 1937T K KellyRev. B D Lloyd-WilsonLancaster12ResultsYes
23810 Sep 1938J Yates
Rev. B D Lloyd-WilsonLancaster10ResultsYes
09 Sep 1939Meeting Postponed – War Declared 3rd Sept0
1940World War II – No Tournament held0
1941World War II – No Tournament held0
1942World War II – No Tournament held0
1943World War II – No Tournament held0
1944World War II – No Tournament held0
1945World War II – No Tournament held0
1946No Tournament held0
23923 Aug 1947Arthur G BanksJohn FlintonSlaidburn11ResultsYes
24011 Sep 1948M J Leach (age 12)A BanksBen Rhydding38ResultsYes
24110 Sep 1949Anthony WoodC H BaylissBen Rhydding46ResultsYes
24209 Sep 1950T R WalkerF WellsBen Rhydding50ResultsYes
ShootDateCaptain of the ArrowLieutenantVenueNo. of ArchersInfoRecord Book
24318 Aug 1951Frank NewbouldG G ElisonScorton50ResultsYes
24409 Aug 1952J HayhurstJohn PhillipsHarrogate66ResultsYes
24506 Jun 1953John YatesR BennettBen Rhydding72ResultsYes
24612 Jun 1954David V ConnellF WellsBen Rhydding70ResultsYes
24718 Jun 1955John HattonA DobsonRoundhay62ResultsYes
24802 Jun 1956Gerald DysonFrank NewbouldBradford44ResultsYes
24914 Aug 1957S S HendersonA BirbeckHarrogate32ResultsYes
25012 Jul 1958C RobsonFrank NewbouldHarrogate33ResultsYes
25108 Aug 1959F BerryJ WatsonScorton37ResultsYes
25202 Jul 1960W Kirk / C H R BattyM RobinsonSheffield60ResultsYes
25309 Sep 1961A W WalesS S HendersonSheffield41ResultsYes
25402 Jun 1962D M HoltGarth BarstowAdel39ResultsYes
25525 May 1963S SmithL H BellingerSheffield39ResultsYes
25630 May 1964J CrocketW MarshallHarrogate42ResultsYes
25726 Jun 1965A E KiddyW AlexanderHarrogate37ResultsYes
25813 Aug 1966R SheilD AldersonWentworth44ResultsYes
25905 Aug 1967A E KiddyW G PearsonAdel37ResultsYes
26001 Jun 1968D TheatherA E KiddyScorton52ResultsYes
26105 Jul 1969D AikinT J HampsonAbbydale46ResultsYes
26204 Jul 1970B A LockwoodC TaylorAdel47ResultsYes
26305 Jun 1971M SeeberJ A SmithHuddersfield53ResultsYes
26424 May 1972R HillGarth BarstowScorton72ResultsYes
ShootDateCaptain of the ArrowLieutenantVenueNo. of ArchersInfoRecord Book
26502 Jun 1973Gordon SalmonJ BradleyAdel61ResultsYes
26631 Aug 1974Wiliam J AlexanderRon HillHarrogate50ResultsYes
26731 May 1975David AitkinFrank ListerScorton47ResultsYes
26829 May 1976W BaysonPaul SugdenAdel50ResultsYes
12 May 1977 – HRH Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother with the Antient Scorton Silver Arrow at Scorton – also see Records 1977
26921 May 1977Eddy ChattawayDavid GraggsSproatley80ResultsYes
27027 May 1978Dr Sam H BrockEddy ChattawayBingley68ResultsYes
27126 May 1979Geoffrey LightfootJack PercivalHalifax65ResultsYes
27231 May 1980Gordon FosterGeoffrey LightfootScarborough81ResultsYes
27330 May 1981L ‘Bud’ BroughtonGordon FosterMytholmroyd81ResultsYes
27429 May 1982Barry NorburyJim MelvinScorton75ResultsYes
27528 May 1983Joe NobletBrian PattersonScorton76ResultsYes
27626 May 1984Barry NorburyJohn OwensMytholmroyd91ResultsYes
27725 May 1985C Paul ScudamoreJim MelvinScorton97ResultsYes
27824 May 1986Major Roger M CreesPeter DaviesScorton96ResultsYes
27930 May 1987Jonathan StuartMick FitzpatrickEasingwold124ResultsYes
28027 May 1988Peter DaviesStephen WilliamsAdel112ResultsYes
28128 May 1989D MooreStephen WilliamsScorton128ResultsYes
28226 May 1990John GeldardStephen WilliamsEasingwold117ResultsYes
28325 May 1991Adrian HayesJohn GeldardSettle126ResultsYes
28423 May 1992Ken MossJohn SeddonLiversage118ResultsYes
28522 May 1993Chris LineTerry HandLiversage132ResultsYes
28621 May 1994Phil ClaydonEddy ChattawaySelby114ResultsYes
ShootDateCaptain of the ArrowLieutenantVenueNo. of ArchersScores & ReportRecord BookPhotos
28720 May 1995Lewis MitchellJohn SeddonSelby109ResultsYes
28818 May 1996Peter DaviesDavid MorrisElland89ResultsYes
28924 May 1997Steve SharmanNoel LawrenceEasingwold85ResultsYes
29016 May 1998John SeddonDerek WilcockRotherham78ResultsYes
29122 May 1999George BrownDerek WilcockHigh Melton81ResultsYes
29220 May 2000Andrew NealBrian HillHigh Melton72ResultsYes
29319 May 2001Dave PhilipsGarry AldredSelby80ResultsYes
29418 May 2002Christopher BattersbyGarry AldredSelby63ResultsYes
29517 May 2003Richard ToddClive RoebuckSelby61ResultsYes
29622 May 2004Ron BateyGeorge BrownHarrogate67ResultsYes
29721 May 2005Brian RichardsAdrian HayesSelby71ResultsYes
29820 May 2006Scott WalkerBob RipleyScorton72ResultsYes
29919 May 2007Drew StapletonMartin JordanHull94ResultsYes
30017 May 2008Guy HairLewis MitchellScorton144Results* Awaited
30116 May 2009Mark HarrowPeter AikmanHull108Results* Awaited
30222 May 2010Paul TuckerDrew StapletonBedale111Results* Awaited
30321 May 2011Clive WolleyGraham SmithLiversedge91Results* AwaitedYes
30419 May 2012Geoff RhodesSteve HolmesHarrogate94Results* Awaited
30518 May 2013Andrew NealDereck WilcockSheffield111Results* Awaited
30617 May 2014John WilkinsonTom FewzSelby95Results* Awaited
30516 May 2015Tom FewzLee BartropRotherham117Results* AwaitedYes
30821 May 2016Derek WilcockRichard NuttallBedale101Results* Awaited

ShootDateCaptain of the ArrowLieutenantVenueNo. of ArchersScores & ReportRecord BookPhotos
30920 May 2017Dave McLarenPete RogersRotherham92Results* AwaitedNo
31019 May 2018Martin MiddletonDale MessageHarrogate88Results* AwaitedNo
31118 May 2019Gordon MarshallStewart AtkinsonRotherham86Results* AwaitedNo
2020No Tournament Held – Coronavirus Pandemic0
31231 July 2021Tom FewzChris BattersbyHarrogate74Results* AwaitedYes
31321 May 2022Clive RoebuckIan MarrHarrogate72ResultsNo
31420 May 2023Richard AllenJohn PawsonHarrogate83ResultsYes

The Antient Silver Arrow