Tournament Results 2001

The 293rd Recorded etting in the 329th year of
The Society of Archers
held at Brayton High School, North Yorkshire
on Saturday 19th May 2001

The Clerks Report

Saturday, the 19th May 2001, Brayton High School, nr Selby, North Yorkshire. A fine day with the promise of a breeze later, a nice day for the 293rd Ancient Scorton Silver Arrow Shoot, after a terrific blast on the Bugle by the Lieutenant the Company of Gentlemen assembled for their usual pep talk. After which, under the control of Dennis Heritage and Paul Senior, the stalwart Judges, the shooting commenced. The Lieutenants Bugle for the best Red was claimed at the first end by Garry Aldred of Lancashire, The Ancient Silver Arrow was won at the 3rd end by Dave Phillips, Longbowman of Selby Archers.

The Buffet provided for Luncheon was excellent, the wine, superb. After lunch, the meeting, again rather a long one.

The Lady scorers once again were their usual charming selves and did their duty with their usual banter and wit.

80 Archers took part in the event, 60 of them were Longbowmen, all had a good day as far as the swear bag was concerned, £38.45 was raised for the Captains Methodist Church. After the Captain expressed his thanks and appreciation to all who assisted with the shoot, his lady, Melanie presented all the Trophies and Sweepstakes.

Mr Stanley Snow., Clerk to the Society.


The Scorton Trophies
Captain of the ArrowDave Phillips
Lieutenant of the ArrowGarry Aldred
The Horn Spoon for Worst WhiteMartyn Spence
The Ben Hird Sword for most Hits, LongbowLance Goodall
The Alain Holt Ladle for Highest Score, LongbowGeoff Ingleby
The Thirsk Insignia for Yorkshiremen
The Silver Arrow & Gold Quiver, for Highest ScoreShaun Morgan
The Thirsk Bugle for most HitsBob Ripley
The Thirsk Silver Medal for Best GoldGraham Tune
The Subscription Trophies
The Gold Medal for the Captain of NumbersGarry Aldred
The Gold Medal for the Highest ScoreShaun Morgan
The Phillips Cup for the Best Gold of the MeetingGraham Tune
The Sweepstakes
Best GoldGarry Aldred
Second BestShaun Morgan
Third BestGraham Tune
Most GoldsGarry Aldred
Second MostShaun Morgan
Third MostBrian Hill, Tony Sutton
& Bob Ripley


We also had the pleasure of the company of Mr Baxter, C. Broad and J.Knott

Minutes of the 293rd Meeting – 19th May 2001

The Loyal Toast was taken and whilst the Gentlemen were still standing the ladies and guests withdrew. The meeting started with the Captain proposing a toast to the Society, the Arrow and the Captain and Lieutenant elect. The minutes were read by the Lieutenant and duly signed by the Captain. Apologies were received from Adrian Hayes, George Thorley, John Seddon and Barry Norbury who donated a small cheque to the running costs, thank you Barry.

Under matters arising the Captain reported there was no problem collecting the Arrow from the Royal Armouries, where it had been lodged for the past 11 months. The Clerk then rose to give his report, The Queen’s reply to the Loyal Message and the White Rose had not yet arrived. The balance of the reserve fund is now £3124.51, the administrative fund is £498.71.

Matters for discussion – Andrew Neal, the retiring Captain read out a letter from Philip Rolls explaining that he had identified that the website address had been registered by a company called Soho Consulting. It was pointed out that the practise of registering certain important or key names was quite common and was speculative to try and sell the name and site on afterwards. Philip Rolls had then registered the website name for a period of two years and kindly offered it to the Society for its own use. It was agreed that the retiring Captain and the Captain Elect should look into the possibility of using a website for the Society.

After thanking all concerned for their valuable help the retiring Captain sent the assembled company back to the field, shooting recommenced at 3.30pm.

Also in the year 2001

Monarchy: Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Prime Minister: Tony Blair – Labour Party

The new web site: is launched later that same evening (Saturday 19th May 2001) and shows a picture of new, 2001 Captain, Dave Phillips with his winning arrow. A few days later all the 2001 results are published on the internet for the first time.


On the left, Mr Frank Newbould Captain of the Arrow in 1951 and pictured 50 years later at the 2001 tournament

The Antient Silver Arrow