Tournament Results 1998

The 290th Recorded Meeting in the 326th year of
The Society of Archers
held at Wards Sheffield United Cricket School, Rotherham, South Yorkshire
on Saturday 16th May 1998

The Clerks Report

The Dawn of May 16th 1998 held the promise of a beautiful day and carried on as it started, to the end of the 290th recorded meeting in the 326th year of the Society.

78 Gentlemen assembled on the line to shoot with the Captain for the Antient Scorton Silver Arrow and other Trophies.

The meeting was held on the sports ground of Wards Sheffield United Cricket School at Rotherham.  61 Gentlemen shot in the Longbow.

The Lieutenants Bugle was taken at the first end by Derek Wilcock. The Arrow was taken a few ends later by John Seddon. Longbow Trophies were taken by Adrian Hayes and Tony Kendal, the Phillips Cup and Thirsk Silver Medal both went to John Seddon of Dearne Valley Archery Club, and the Thirsk Bugle to Derek Wilcock of Thirsk Archers.

The contents of the green bags (in excess of £37) were received by the representive of a local Parish. After tea the Trophies were presented by the Captain’s Lady Mrs Joan Sharman.


The Scorton Trophies
Captain of the ArrowJohn Seddon
Lieutenant of the ArrowDerek Wilcock
The Horn Spoon for Worst WhiteTony Kendal
The Ben Hird Sword for most Hits, LongbowAdrian Hayes
The Alain Holt Ladle for Highest Score, LongbowTony Kendal
The Thirsk Insignia for Yorkshiremen – born within the County
The Silver Arrow & Gold Quiver, for Highest ScoreRoger Marshall
The Thirsk Bugle for most HitsDerek Wilcock
The Thirsk Silver Medal for Best GoldJohn Seddon
The Subscription Trophies
The Gold Medal for the Captain of NumbersGary Aldred
The Gold Medal for the Highest ScoreRoger Marshall
The Phillips Cup for the Best Gold of the MeetingJohn Seddon
The Sweepstakes
Best GoldJohn Seddon
Second BestDerek Wilcock
Third BestColin Hope
Most GoldsGary Aldred
Second MostDerek Wilcock
Third MostTony Sutton


We also had the pleasure of the company of : A. Harnasz, G. Stark and M. Cooper.
Entered but did not shoot : B. Beech, D. Dyass, D. Ellis, L. Meggison, B. Norbury,
R. Seabury, B. Jones and D. O’Carroll.

Minutes of the 290th Meeting – 16th May 1998

The Captain proposed the Toasts to The Society, The Arrow, The Captain and the Lieutenant elect. This was followed by a special toast to Roger Crees, and a get well soon message. The minutes of the 289th meeting were read by the Lieutenant and signed by the Captain.

Matters arising – There was a vote of thanks to Roger Crees for the repairs he carried out to the cases of the two Gold Medals, free gratis.

The Clerk informed the meeting that the annual loyal message and white rose to The Queen had been dispatched, but no reply had been received as yet, it was expected to arrive very shortly. He also reported that the Reserve Fund now stood at £2,907.03.

8 Gentlemen tendered their apologies for absence, Roger Crees (hospitalised), V. Todman, Richard Warham, Joe Noblet, Frank Newbold, Bob Key, Adam Abbot and John Owens who donated their £10 deposits to Reserve Fund.

Matters from the floor – It was pointed out that prior to 1993 the balance of the pool was awarded to the recipient of The Horn Spoon and why was it not still so?

No reference could be found in the minutes of previous meetings relating to why it was handed to the reserve fund. The proposal was made and seconded that the Balance of the Pool be handed to the Reserve Fund. This was defeated by a large majority and it was decided to revert to tradition. (Be it known that the recipient of the Horn Spoon, Tony Kendal, later donated his cash award of £24.76 to the reserve fund, amid loud applause.)

Past Captain John Geldard admitted to losing his Rose Brooch and requested the meeting’s permission to purchase a replacement from the Clerk. Permission was granted.

Thanks were expressed all round and the meeting closed at 3.00 pm.

Also in the year 1998

Monarchy: Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Prime Minister: Tony Blair – Labour Party

The Antient Silver Arrow