Tournament Results 2004

The 296th Recorded Meeting in the 332nd year of The Society of Archers
held at St Georges Archery Club

St John Fisher’s School, Harrogate, North Yorkshire
on Saturday 22nd May 2004

The Clerks Report

A bright but windy day unfolded with 66 archers taking the field. 53 of these carried the longbow. Assembly took place at the Society’s flag on the morning of the 22nd day of May 2004. The usual talk of rules and procedures were given by the Clerk and Judges.

Shooting commenced at 10.30am. The Lieutenancy was decided within the first couple of ends and was taken by past Captain George Brown. The Captaincy took longer to decide and Ron Batey of Newcastle upon Tyne took this shortly before the lunch break. Both Ron and George were shooting the longbow.

After the usual satisfying luncheon with wine, followed by the annual meeting, shooting continued through the afternoon until 5.00pm. During the day the Judges manned the swear bags raising some £30. This was handed to the Captain for onward donation to the Harrogate Ladies Refuge.

After Tea the Trophies were presented to the deserving winners, The Captain’s presentations were made to the Lady Scorers, and the usual bottles to the two Judges, all graciously done by the Captain’s Lady.

Stan Snow, the retiring clerk, passed across the badge of office to Andrew Neal. In recognition of Stan’s service to the Scorton Society, Andrew presented, on behalf of the archers, an engraved silver brooch.

The meeting was rounded off by the Captain passing his heartfelt thanks to St.Georges Archery Club for all the hard work carried out.

Andrew Neal., Clerk to the Society

Mr Stan Snow of Doncaster retires after 20 years as Clerk to the Society

Judges: Mr Dennis Heritage & Mr John Gilroy

The Scorton Trophies
Captain of the ArrowRon Batey
Lieutenant of the ArrowGeorge Brown
The Horn Spoon for Worst WhiteKen Ward
The Ben Hird Sword for most Hits, LongbowColin Hope
The Alain Holt Ladle for Highest Score, LongbowMartyn Spence
The Thirsk Insignia for Yorkshiremen
The Silver Arrow & Gold Quiver, for Highest ScoreMark Hayes
The Thirsk Bugle for most HitsMartyn Spence
The Thirsk Silver Medal for Best GoldDanny Walsh
The Subscription Trophies
The Gold Medal for the Captain of NumbersMark Hayes
The Gold Medal for the Highest ScoreChris Battersby
The Phillips Cup for the Best Gold of the MeetingDanny Walsh
The Sweepstakes
Best GoldDanny Walsh
Second BestColin Hope
Third BestMartyn Spence
Most GoldsM Hayes, C Battersby & M Spence
Second MostShared – see above
Third MostShared – see above


We also had the pleasure of the company of Mike Murphy who did not shoot

Minutes of the 296th Meeting – 22nd May 2004

Minutes of the meeting held on 22 May 2004

The Captain gave the Loyal Toast.

The Clerk asked those that had not shot with the Captain in the morning to leave the room before the meeting was able to begin.

The Captain proceeded with the further toasts for the Captain and Lieutenant elect.

The Lieutenant read the minutes of the previous year’s meeting and all accepted these were a true record of the meeting. The Captain duly signed the record book.

No matters were arising from the previous years meeting.

The Clerk reported that there were no apologies received, except that Mike Murphy, who had paid could not attend.

Correspondence – The Palace had been sent the usual white rose and a reply had been received from the Queen’s Lady in waiting.

John Leach – son of Michael Leach – Captain of the arrow in 1948 – had written requesting to purchase a Captain’s brooch to celebrate his winning. Discussion took place and it was agreed that the Clerk to send a reply together with a brooch. No charge to be made.

The news was received by the Society that Sam Brock had sadly passed away – Sam was Captain of the Arrow in 1970.

Philip Rolls, Website Editor, gave a brief report that the website was continuing to receive hits and interest. Lots of old photographs are now appearing on the site from donations received from past members.

Philip received correspondence from David Cornell – Captain 1954 – who now lives in Portugal.
David sends his regards to all and especially to his old Leeds and Selby area pals.

Over 19,000 hits have being registered on the site since its was first set up. Such interest on the website prompted Duncan Fairweather to travel from Australia to take part in todays shoot. Duncan is believed to be the first Australian to take part in the Society.

The Clerk put the Society accounts to the meeting and invited comments. The Clerk pointed out the the reserve fund has lost capital in part to the increased amounts for calligraphy and the reduced interest rates. It was decided to have a voluntary contribution to go towards the reserve fund. A rate of £1 per member was suggested but not made mandatory.

It was agreed that the current venue of St.John Fisher School was very good even though the cost was greater than in previous years.

The Captain closed the meeting.

Mr Andrew Neal., Clerk to the Society.

Also in the year 2004

Monarchy: Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Prime Minister: Tony Blair – Labour Party

By far the major news item to end the year, was a ‘Tsumani’ (giant wave) on boxing day 26th December, starting in the Indian Ocean with an under water earthquake and creating the worlds worst single disaster in memory with a loss of over 270,000 lives. News and television pictures show a devastation and tragedy beyond comprehension, uniting Countries throughout the world in a mass fund raising effort to help the many millions of homeless survivors.

The hitherto unpublished photographs below were received from a friend of the Editor
who witnessed the Tsunami and its devastating and horrific consequences.
Though nothing to do with Archery, they appear here for future prosperity and rememberance.

Letter from this years supported charity

The proceeds from this years Swear Bags was given to the Harrogate & District Women’s Aid Outreach Project, who wrote back to say:

Dear Members of the Society of Archers.

Thank you so much for your donation of £30 which I received today.

Our Women’s Aid Outreach Project is funded through charities. It is the only organisation of its kind in the Harrogate and district area to support women and children in the community who are, or have been, suffering domestic abuse.

We appreciate your Society’s nomination of our project.

Reproduced by kind permission of The Yorkshire Post

The following article appeared in The Yorkshire Post Newspaper on Monday May 24th 2004 (page 5).

Australian among 80 enthusiasts at ‘antient’ Yorkshire Archery event.
(by Brian Dooks)

“SEVEN years before Captain James Cook discovered Australia the world’s oldest recorded continuous sporting event – The Antient Scorton Silver Arrow – was first held in Yorkshire.

Back in 1673 it was won by Henry Calverley MP, from Eryholme, near Darlington, who was the first Captain of the Arrow in what became an annual competition only to be interrupted by the major wars.

The winner of the event, which must be held in Yorkshire, is the first person to shoot an arrow to pierce the 3in-diameter black spot in the centre of a 4ft target from 100 yards.

On Saturday that was Ron Batey, 66, of Ponteland Archers in Newcastle, who became Captain of the Arrow and responsible for organising next year’s contest on behalf on the Society of Archers.

This year’s Lieutenant of the Arrow – the first archer to place an arrow inside the red circle – was George Brown, of Southwell Archers in Nottinghamshire, who will now blow the silver bugle to start the 2005 competition.

The Silver Arrow, which the Birmingham Assay Office has confirmed was made around 1600, in now on permanent display at the Royal Armories in Leeds, and so Mr Batley, competing for the eighth time, received a replica, It was presented by photographer Frank Newbould, of Knaresborough, who was 1951 Captain.

The first competition was held at Scorton, near Richmond – hence its name. On Saturday it returned to Harrogate for the eighth time in its 331-year history. St George’s Archery Club hosted the competition at St John Fisher Catholic High School.

Last years winner, Richard Todd, of the Glanford Company of Bowmen, of Wrawby, Lincolnshire, and his Lieutenant Clive Roebuck, of Harrogate, shot first, after the Clerk to the Society Stan Snow of Doncaster, reminded competitors of the rules, including a requirement to wear jacket or blazer and tie or cravat while lunching with the Captain.

Mr Snow, handing over his office to Andrew Neil of Selby, after 20 yeas, joked: ‘If you have not got a tie, I am selling them.’

More that 80 took part, including Duncan Fairweather, of the Sydney Bowmen, Australia – believed to be the first Australian to take part in the Competition.”


Judges: Mr John Gilroy & Mr Dennis Heritage

Members of St Georges Archery Club, Harrogate
(LtR) Rod Spink, John Morton, Ted Mallett, Doug Pattinon, Peter Hayman, Thomas Hayman, Geoff Oliver, Clive Roebuck, Steve Daniell, Bernard Hinde.

Archers, gentlemen and characters, Adam Abbott & John Owens

Frank Newbould, Captain 1951 with Ron Batey Captain elect 2005 and Duncan Fairweather, of the Sydney Bowmen, Australia the first Australian to take part in the Competition

The Antient Silver Arrow