Tournament Results 1983

The 275th Recorded Meeting in the 311th year of
The Society of Archers
was held at Scorton, North Yorkshire
on the 28th day of May 1983

The Clerks Report

Be it recorded that at 10-15 o’clock on 28th May 1983 the Lieutenant summond the gentlemen present to receive instruction in the Rules of the Society from the Judge Mr George Thorley.

Shooting commenced at 10-30 o’clock in light rain and cold wind. The first item of note was the piercing of the Red by several Gentlemen, from whom the Judge declared that Mr Brian Patterson be the Lieutenant for the ensuing year.

Be it recorded that Mr Joe Noblet struck the inner Gold with his fourth arrow and thus became Captain elect & Captain for the ensuing year. Mr Noblet was congratulated by the Captain of the Meeting Mr Barry Norbury.

Shooting continued until 12-30 o’clock when the Gentlemen withdrew for luncheon.

After the meeting of the Society which followed luncheon, the Gentlemen continued to shoot for a further two hours in very poor conditions of cold, wind and rain.

Tea was taken and the Trophies & Prizes were presented by the Captain’s lady Mrs Edith Norbury.

At the close of the meeting the Gentlemen were thanked for their attendance by the Captain and wished a safe journey home.

Collected for the Poor of the Parish £19.07.


The Scorton Trophies
Captain of the ArrowJ Noblet
Lieutenant of the ArrowB Patterson
The Horn Spoon for Worst WhiteJ Drew
The Ben Hird Sword for most Hits, LongbowD C Ellis
The Alain Holt Ladle for Highest Score, LongbowC Reid
The Thirsk Insignia for Yorkshiremen
The Silver Arrow & Gold Quiver, for Highest ScoreP Liley
The Thirsk Bugle for most HitsD Gardner
The Thirsk Silver Medal for Best GoldG Penman
The Subscription Trophies
The Gold Medal for the Captain of NumbersP Liley
The Gold Medal for the Highest ScoreD Gardner
The Phillips Cup for the Best Gold of the MeetingM Foxton
The Sweepstakes
Best GoldM Foxton
Second BestP Davies
Third BestJ Noblet
Most GoldsB Patterson, D Gardner,
S Slater
Second MostTied
Third MostTied


Entered but did not shoot:
P McGinness, G Potter, M E Powell, W Sharp, B Trotter, A R C Turner, P G Walsh.
Judge – George F Thorley

Minutes of the 1983 Meeting

The Captain opened the Annual Meeting of the Society by calling the Lieutenant to read the Minutes of the 1982 Meeting. These were approved and signed by the Captain. There were no matters arising that were not advised as being on the agenda.

The Clerk offered the apologies of Mr Sam Henderson, Mr Frank Newbould & Mr Bill Wales, who all conveyed their best wishes for a successful meeting.

H M The Queen’s reply to the 1982 Loyal Message was read and the difficulties caused by the withdrawal of the telegram were discussed. The Loyal Message to H M The Queen was sent by telemessage and a reply would be received in due course.

The financial position was explained & it was recommended that an administral charge of 10/- (50p) per entry be introduced in 1984. This was subsequently agreed by the Gentlemen at the Meeting following tea. It was also agreed that the pool be increased from 10/- (50p) to £1 per head. It was further agreed that there should be no other changes to the Rules of the Society.

The Captain closed the Meeting at 2.32pm and the Gentlemen withdrew to continue shooting.

The Antient Silver Arrow