Tournament Results 1966

The 258th Recorded Meeting in the 294th year of
The Society of Archers
held at Wentworth, Yorkshire
on Saturday the 13th day of August 1966

Wentworth 13th August 1966

On Saturday 13th August 1966, forty-four Archers assembled on the front lawn at Wentworth Woodhouse, Wentworth, near Rotherham to compete for the Antient Scorton Silver Arrow and other trophies.

Pursuant to custom, lots were drawn for the order of shooting. After the lots were drawn an Archer reported that he had not brought back the trophies that he had won last year. He was told to present them before the end of the meeting. After this unpleasant incident, shooting commenced thirty minutes later when at 11.0am the Lieutenant sounded his horn to start the meeting, which began in light rain and wind.

The first item of note was that in the first end, both Mr D Alderson and Mr A Kiddy pierced the Red but Mr Alderson’s arrow was judged to be nearer the centre, thus becoming Lieutenant of the Arrow.

The second item of note was that in the fourth end Mr R Shiel pierced the Inner Gold thus becoming Captain of the Arrow. Both Archers were congratulated by the Immediate Captain and Lieutenant.

Shooting continued for the customary two hours in driving rain and changing winds, after which lunch was taken in the dining hall of Wentworth Woodhouse.

At the conclusion of the lunch the minutes of the previous meeting were read, confirmed, and duly signed.

Apologies for absence were received from Mr Frank Berry who sent his best wishes to all his friends.

A short discussion followed about the returning of Trophies for re-presentation. The meeting endorsed the action of the past Captains regarding the unpleasant situation at the start of the meeting.

Toasts followed:-

(a) Mr Jack Flinton, Judge for the meeting, proposed a toast to The Society of the Antient Scorton Arrow.

(b) Mr A Kiddy proposed a toast to the Captain Designate, who gave a short speech in reply with a vote of thanks to the Past Captain for the arrangements and a wonderful luncheon.

Here the meeting was concluded and the Company returned to the front lawn when shooting continued for a further two hours in a little drier conditions, after which the Company took buffet tea in the Entrance Hall.

Be it remembered that the trophies were gracefully presented by Mrs Joyce Kiddy, the Captain’s Lady.

Thus a most enjoyable Meeting was concluded, here follows the Prize Winners.


The Scorton Trophies
Captain of the ArrowR Sheil
Lieutenant of the ArrowD Alderson
The Horn Spoon for Worst WhiteD Theaker
The Thirsk Insignia for Yorkshiremen
The Silver Arrow & Gold Quiver, for Highest ScoreL Canetti
The Thirsk Bugle for most HitsD Gunson
The Thirsk Silver Medal for Best GoldH M Gray (Sen),
H M Gray (Jun)
The Subscription Trophies
The Gold Medal for the Captain of NumbersH A Ashcroft
The Gold Medal for the Highest ScoreL Canetti
The Phillips Cup for the Best Gold of the MeetingA W Wales
Competition JudgeJ Flinton


The Antient Silver Arrow