Tournament Results 1912

The 222nd Recorded Meeting in the 240th year of
The Society of Archers
held at Settle, North Yorkshire
on the 10th day of September 1912

Settle 10th September 1912

Be it remembered that the archers assembled this day on the ground of the North Ribblesdale Archers at
X o’clock, and after the necessary business had been transacted, began shooting at 10.30. The first Red was made by Mr E C Cadman with his first arrow at the second end, whereby he became lieutenant for the year, and the first Gold by Major R Pole Stuart with his second arrow at the third end, who thereby became captain for the year.

Shooting went on till 12.30 and recommenced at 2.15, ending at 4.15.

The weather was fair with a cold wind XV miles an hour, dropping to VIII miles an hour later. Rain stopped the shooting once for XV minutes.


The Scorton Trophies
Captain of the ArrowMaj R Pole Stuart
Silver Bugle and LieutenancyMr E C Cadman
Gold Medal and Captain of NumbersMr E C Cadman
Gold Medal for Highest ScoreMr Spencer Madan
Antient Horn SpoonMr H L Rushton
Silver Cup and Sweepstake for Best GoldMr C H Coates, Mr P Price
Sweepstake for Most GoldsMr C H Coates, Mr P Price
The Thirsk Insignia for Yorkshiremen
The Silver Arrow & Gold Quiver, for Highest ScoreMr H L Rushton
The Thirsk Bugle for most HitsMr E C Cadman
The Thirsk Silver Medal for Best GoldMr C H Coates


by Mr C Hutton Coates

That as the Manuscript containing the list of Captains and Lieutenants is nearly full, steps be taken when it is full, to place it in the safe custody of the York Museum Authorities, and that, if possible, a photographic copy of the above be procured, and handed on with the Silver Arrow and new Manuscript to the Captain for the time being.

by Mr C Pownall

That it be deposited with the Royal Toxophilite Society, that being the only museum devoted to Archery, as a perpetual loan.

After some discussion by the Archers assembled it was RESOLVED that the Manuscript be placed in a museum, and that the Captain should enquire whether the Royal Toxophilite Society would accept it.

The Comittee of the Royal Toxophilite Society met on Oct 24 and it was carried nem. con that ‘The Comittee having considered the suggestion of the Scorton Arrow authorities that their scroll should be deposited with the Society are agreeable to accept it, if the Scorton Arrow Authorities will provide a stand to be approved by the R.T.S. in order that the scroll may be exhibited during the shooting season, the Society accepting no responsibility for its custody.’

In answer to a similar enquiry the York Museum authorities write:- Our Museum does not appear to be suitable for the exhibition of your Rules and would advise that the Royal Toxophilite Society would be better.

The Antient Silver Arrow