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The Antient Scorton Silver Arrow

By Ben Hird. Captain of the Arrow 1900

Ben shares some of his personal recollections spanning over 70 years – from when he won the Silver Arrow, aged 19 and had to eat his sandwiches outside with the rest of his Ye Grene Companye’ – to his final days at this prestigious event.

First published in 1972 by the Society of Archery-Antiquaries, the book is now out of print and there are no plans to reprint it – the printing plates having long since destroyed.

Second hand copies occasionally come up for auction or through specialist historical book dealers and can sell for a substantial premium.

This PDF downloadable copy has been completely re-type set and the original pictures scanned to produce an almost exact replica of the original work, which can be downloaded and read on your computer or printed out and bound as a book.

The reproduction right has been kindly granted by the Society of Archery-Antiquaries.

This is a highly recommended -‘MUST’ read!

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By Hugh D H Soar

“Set to become a classic for anyone interested in the Longbow. A meticulously researched and highly authoritative work from one of the most knowledgeable archery experts of our time”.

The longbow has been a part of English culture for centuries, up until the introduction of firearms in the 16th century all boys were obliged to begin archery training at the age of six.
But rather than disappear, the longbow began a new life as the centerpiece of recreational archery. Soon abandoned by villagers, the longbow found itself in the hands of gentlemen who formed social clubs around the bow.
These clubs and societies offered members an opportunity to meet their peers in pleasant concourse. When, during the 18th and 19th centuries, these clubs started to accepted women as members, the longbow literally became the arm of cupid, with recreational archery providing a setting for prospective partners to meet in a socially acceptable environment.

With intelligence and wit, this superb volume leads readers on a fascinating journey through the later history of the venerable longbow.

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By Robert Hardy

This book is the key book for any longbow enthusiast, plus an interesting read for anyone at all interested in this immensely powerful weapon which is key to our past.

It follows the origins of the longbow from neadertal bows to the famed longbowmen of Crecy and Agincourt, then its decline from a lethal weapon to a sporting pastime plus it tells of the ceremonial bow regiments of the victorian era.

Lastly it contains a detailed description of how a beginner should set about making their own bow, the tools the wood and the time that is needed, followed by an appendix laying out the physical properties of the woods used and how the bow and the arrows should relate to each other in length or strength.

The author, the well known Robert Hardy has a very relaxed style and you immediately feel comfortable immersed in the knowledge and experience and photographs that he has amassed as a master of the longbow for the last sixty years. A great read.


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The Antient Silver Arrow