Tournament Results 1930

The 230th Recorded Meeting in the 258th year of
The Society of Archers
held at Springfield Park, Lancaster, Lancashire
on the 15th day of September 1930

Springfield Park 15th September 1930

Be it remembered that on this day Ten Gentlemen Archers assembled at Lancaster on the ground of the John O’Gaunts Bowmen, Springfield Park, to compete for The Antient Scorton Arrow. Shooting started at Eleven of the clock in the forenoon and continued for two hours, and for two hours in the afternoon.

Be it well remembered that Lieut Colonel A T Porritt, North Lonsdale Archers and Mr J Yates, Royal Toxophilites, each with their Twentieth arrow pierced the target in the Gold. Lt Col Porritts arrow being judged the most central, he was declared the winner and so became Captain and Holder of The Antient Silver Arrow.

Be it also remembered that Mr G B Adamson, Stretton Archers with his Second arrow was the first to pierce the target in the Red and thus became Lieutenant and Holder of the Silver Bugle.

Be it also recorded that at the conclusion of the luncheon, which was held in a marquee on the ground at Springfield Park, the minutes of the last meeting were read, confirmed and signed. The resolution that Archers born in Yorkshire be eligible to compete for the Thirsk Bowmen Insignia recorded in the minutes as proposed by the Rev G Hayter and agreed to without dissent, to be submitted for confirmation at this meeting was proposed again by the Rev G Hayter, seconded by Dr P F Mannix and passed unanimously by the Archers present.

On the proposal of Mr G B Adamson, seconded by Dr Mannix it was agreed that the Trophies and Archives of the Society be insured and the Captain be asked to take steps to carry this out, the cost of same to be divided amongst the Archers at the next meeting.

Be it also remembered that at this luncheon, wine was provided by the old Captain, Mr John Yates who most generously did this contrary to previous custom and it was further proposed by him and seconded by Colonel J Aspinall Turner that in future this precedent be followed, owing to the difficulty experienced by the New Captain in obtaining this most desirable tonic of reliable quality at such short notice. This was agreed to by all present.

The expenses of the meeting amounting to £7-7-4 were divided amongst the Archers according to custom.

Be it also remembered that a hearty vote of thanks was passed to the members of John O’Gaunts Bowmen for allowing the use of their ground, and that at the conclusion of the meeting the prizes were presented by Mrs Satterthwaite to whom the thanks of the Archers present were duly accorded.

Mr A F Hardy, Royal Toxophilite Society most kindly gave his services as Judge at this meeting.


The Scorton Trophies
Captain of the ArrowLt Col A T Porritt
Silver Bugle and LieutenancyMr G B Adamson
Gold Medal and Captain of NumbersMr G B Adamson
Gold Medal for Highest ScoreMr John Yates
Antient Horn SpoonMr John Yates
Silver Cup and Sweepstake for Best GoldDr P F Mannix
Sweepstake for Most GoldsCol J A Turner
The Thirsk Insignia for Yorkshiremen
The Silver Arrow & Gold Quiver, for Highest ScoreMr T R Satterthwaite
The Thirsk Bugle for most HitsMr T R Satterthwaite
The Thirsk Silver Medal for Best GoldMr T R Satterthwaite


The Antient Silver Arrow