Tournament Results 2013

The 305th Recorded Meeting in the 341st year of The Society of Archers
Niagara Conference & Leisure

Wadsley Bridge, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S6 1LU
on Saturday 18th May 2013

The Clerks Report

The 18th day of May 2013 saw gentlemen gather at the Niagara Conference & Leisure Centre, Sheffield for the 305th Recorded meeting of the Antient Scorton Silver Arrow Tournament.

With the Lieutenant absent from the shoot, Captain, Geoffrey Rhodes asked one of his fellow club members to sound the bugle to bring the gentleman to order. There then followed the Captain’s address, and the usual short instruction from both Clerk and Judges.

Shooting got underway at 10.30am prompt with the Captain taking aim with his longbow. With neither gold nor red hit this lead to the rest of the archers shooting. It was quickly established at the first end that the Lieutenancy had been won by Dereck Wilcock a two time previous Lieutenant.

At the very next end the first black spot was recorded by no other than the Clerk to the Society and previous Captain in the year 2000, Andrew Neal. Warm congratulations were passed to Andrew with comments flowing regarding this his second win!

Following the regulatory two hours of shooting the judges called a halt to the morning session, with lunch taken in the magnificent marquee sited on the end of the field. A splendid lunchoen was had washed down with the usual alcoholic beveridge.

The Clerk, still in a state of shock, kept the meeting to an absolute minimum with members agreeing with the proposals raised. With no contensions this enabled shooting to start again at 3.15pm.

The judges marshalled the afternoon session well with the usual good humoured banter between archers, interspursed with the occassional exsplitive, resulting in the judges requesting contribution to the swearbag.

After tea the Trophies were presented to the deserving winners. The Captain’s presentations were made to the Lady Scorers, and the usual bottles to the two judges, all done graciously by the Captain’s Lady.

The meeting was rounded off by the retiring Captain passing his thanks to all those involved in the organisation of the day.

Message from Geoffrey B. Rhodes, Captain of The Arrow 2012.

I would like to congratulate Andrew Neal on winning the title of ‘Captain of the Arrow 2013’ and thank him for all his help to me, as Clerk to the Arrow over the past year.

May I also thank all archers, their guests, scorers and officials for attending the contesting of the 305th Scorton Silver Arrow and making it such a fine and memorable day.

Could I give special thanks the members of ‘Arrowflight’ and ‘Chantry Bowmen of Rotherham’ who gave me their support up to and on the day of the event.

Finally, I would also thank all who donated to the Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice. £250.00 was raised by your generosity which will go to help the children with a restricted life expectancy who attend this facility.

Hope to see you all again at this most ancient of contests next year.

Yours in Archery
Geoff Rhodes

Judges: Mr Denis Heritage & Mr Sean Gleeson

The Scorton group of Trophies
Captain of the ArrowAndrew Neal
Lieutenant of the ArrowDerek Wilcock
The Horn Spoon for Worst WhiteJohn Fell
The Scorton Longbow Group of Trophies
The Ben Hird Sword for most Hits, LongbowAdrian Hayes
The Alain Holt Ladle for Highest Score, LongbowCraig Benson
The North Ribblesdale Spoon
for Best Longbow Arrow at the 1st end after lunch
Marc Grady
The Tri-Centenial Trophy for most Golds,LongbowPaul Anstead
The Thirsk Insignia for Yorkshiremen – born within the County
The Silver Arrow & Gold Quiver, for Highest ScoreJohn Wilkinson
The Thirsk Bugle for most HitsMick Winsett
The Thirsk Silver Medal for Best GoldDavid Whitham
The Subscription Trophies
The Gold Medal for the Captain of NumbersIan Colley
The Gold Medal for the Highest ScoreJohn Wilkinson
The Phillips Cup for the Best Gold of the MeetingMick Winsett
The Sweepstakes
Best GoldMick Winsett
Second BestDavid Whitham
Third BestBernard Hinde
Most GoldsJohn Wilkinson
Second MostIain Colley
Third MostAndrew Neal


We also had the pleasure of the company of:
John Catley (L), Malcolm Grady (L), Ernest Green (L), Colin Greenway (L)
& Noel Lawrence (R)

* Andrew Neal (The Clerk) & David Phillips (Deputy Clerk)
retired early to assist.

Minutes of the 305th Meeting – 18 May 2013

The Captain, Geoffrey Rhodes, asked those present to be up standing for the Loyal Toast. Gentlemen archers, who had shot in the bow with the Captain in the morning, were asked to remain standing whilst guests retired from the room.

The Captain then proposed the toasts to The Society and The Arrow, The Captain and Lieutenant Elect and absent friends.

The Lieutenant, Steve Holmes, was not able to be present today and the Deputy Clerk and Past Captain Dave Phillips read the minutes of the 304th meeting. These were accepted as a true record, with the Captain duly signing the Record Book.

Apologies for absence were received from Steve Holmes, A Barnsdale, D Thomas, Drew Stapleton, D Walsh, Rod Spink, Doug Pattinson, Colin Dawson, Philip Rolls, K Richards, Bill Spencer, M Dixon & John Owens.

The following matters were discussed:

• The Clerk reported the Loyal Message and White Rose had been sent to Her Majesty, The Queen, and a reply had been received.

• The accounts for The Society were presented for agreement. There were no matters arising concerning the accounts and these were duly approved by the Gentlemen present.

• The two Proposed changes to Article 27, which had been agreed in principle in 2012, and had been given in Notice to Gentlemen entered for this year, were considered:

Proposal 1 was to name the trophy made from the die used to make the Tri-Centennial Badge, “The Tri-Centennial Trophy” and to award it for the “Most Golds by a Longbowman”.

Proposal 2 was to split the trophies presently contained within the Scorton Group of Trophies, with the existing Ben Hird Sword, Wooden Ladle, North Ribblesdale Spoon, along with the recently added Tri-Centennial Trophy, to be known as “The Scorton Longbow Trophies”.

Both Proposals were agreed without further discussion or any votes against.

• The outgoing Captain, Geoffrey Rhodes presented the Captain and Lieutenant elect, with their Captain and Lieutenant badges.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 14.54.

Also in the year 2013

Monarchy: Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Prime Minister: David Cameron – Conservative Party
in a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats
leader, Nick Clegg as Deputy Prime Minister


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