Tournament Results 1962

The 254th Recorded Meeting in the 290th year of
The Society of Archers
held at Adel, Yorkshire
on Saturday the 2nd day of June 1962

Adel 2nd June 1962

On the 2nd day of June 1962, thirty nine gentlemen did assemble at the Bowmen of Adel’s ground to compete for the Antient Scorton Arrow and other trophies, it being the two hundred and fifty fourth competition and two hundred and nintetieth recorded year.

After drawing lots for order of shooting and promptly at 11 o’clock in dull, warm weather with light breeze shooting began.

The first item of note was that with his first arrow Mr D M Holt did pierce the red thus becoming Lieutenant, but be it noted, that with his fifth arrow he did pierce the inner gold thus winning the Captaincy of the Arrow and therefore relinquished the Lieutenancy to Mr G N Barstow who had had the second best red at the first end.

Shooting continued for two hours after which lunch was partaken at the nearby ‘Lawnswood Arms’ followed by the A.G.M. The retiring Captain W Wales in his address issued a challenge to the foremost Archers in the country to come forward and compete for England’s Oldest Sporting Trophy and put the competition where it rightly belonged, at the top of the Archery Calendar.

Arising from the minutes:- In order to ensure the maintenance of ancient tradition and to facilitate the operation of future meetings a committee of past Captains examined all the records and put forward the recommendations as contained in Appendix 1 to this minute book. After discussion the following were adopted:-

1. Closing date and Entry Fee
Resolved that “The closing date of entry be two weeks before the meeting and that it be accompanied by a fee of £1 toward expenses of the meeting, any additional expenses to be borne by the Gentlemen Archers competing”.

2. Advertising and notice of meeting
Resolved that “Previous resolutions be rescinded and that at least two months notice of the meeting be advertised in the ‘British Archer’ and that the notice of the meeting be in the hands of all members of the Society four weeks before”.

3. Division of Voluntary Sweepstakes
Resolved that “Future Sweepstakes for the best Gold (entry 10/6) and most Golds (entry 5/-) be divided as follows:-
Best Gold – Most Golds….. 50%
2nd ……………………….. 30%
3rd ………………………… 20%
also that “The Rule made in 1950 requiring 20% of monies from Sweepstakes to be carried over to the next meeting” be rescinded.

4. Pool Balance
Resolved that “Any balance left at the end of the meeting be awarded to the winner of the Horn Spoon”.

5. Two hits in the Gold
After considerable discussion a resolution was carried:- “That the Rule passed in 1937 entitling an archer scoring two hits in the Gold at one end to collect 1/- from each competitor be amended to read – an archer scoring two Inner Gold hits at one end”.

6. Records
It was resolved that ” The minutes of the meeting be compiled by the Captain, assisted by his Lieutenant as secretary, and passed over to the Captain – Designate for entry in the Record Book. The Captain to be responsible for reporting the results of his meeting to the Press”.

Resolved that “The Captain to appoint a Judge, a Gentleman Archer of High Esteem, to help him during the shooting, be it remembered, should any dispute arise in respct of prizes, Rule 6 (1823) such dispute shall be determined by a majority vote. The Judge shall then determine any such majority.

8. Lady Paramount
It was resolved “The Title Lady Paramount be deleted from the proceedings and that the prizes be presented by the Captain’s Lady or any person appointed by him”.

9. Insurance
Resolved that “The Captain insures against any accident claims which may arise during the meeting in addition to the Trophies, the premiums to be included in the costs of the meeting.

10. Notes for the Guidance of Competitors
It was resolved that “Notes for Guidance of Competitors” as drawn up by the committee and amended by the above, is issued with the notice of the meeting.

The following points were also noted and recorded

A. Venue
The present rules plainly state that the competition for the “Scorton Arrow” may be held in Yorkshire or within 20 miles of Eryholme-on-Tees. For the “Thirsk Bowmen’s Insignia” it must be Yorkshire. Therefore, whilst both are competed for at the same meeting, it must be held in Yorkshire.

B. Rule 5
This states that the Captain shall have 20/- of the monies deposited at the “next meeting” on returning the arrow. The rule still applies, but no record shows that any Captain has claimed this since the inception of the competition.

A resolution, that the Office of Lieutenant be not competed for until the Captaincy was won, was defeated.

During the meeting a telegram of Congratulations was sent to her Majesty on the occasion of her Birthday, and was duly acknowledged.

At the conclusion of the meeting the thanks of the Society were accorded to the following:- Jack Flinton for acting as Judge. The Lieutenant S S Henderson for acting as convenor to the Committee of Past Captains. M Frankel, steward of the meeting, the scorers – the Bowmen of Adel’s Ladies and to Joy Wales, the Captain’s Lady for presenting the prizes.


The Scorton Trophies
Captain of the ArrowD M Holt
Lieutenant of the ArrowG H Barstow
The Horn Spoon for Worst WhiteR Farrar
The Thirsk Insignia for Yorkshiremen
The Silver Arrow & Gold Quiver, for Highest ScoreW J Alexander
The Thirsk Bugle for most HitsS Smith
The Thirsk Silver Medal for Best GoldD M Holt
The Subscription Trophies
The Gold Medal for the Captain of NumbersW J Alexander
The Gold Medal for the Highest ScoreJ Atkin
The Phillips Cup for the Best Gold of the MeetingS Owen
Competition JudgeJack Flinton


The Antient Silver Arrow