Tri-Centennial Comemorative Seat for Scorton Village

At the 2011 Meeting of the Society of Archers, held on 21 May, the arrangements for the purchase of a Tri Centennial Commemorative Seat for Scorton Village first put forward in 2009, received final unanimous approval and support of all members. It was regretted that what was meant to be a ‘pleasant surprise for the village’ had taken rather longer than anticipated due to only having annual meetings.

The Presentation took place on Wednesday 20 July 2011 when Frank Newbould, who this year celebrated his 60th Anniversary from when he first won the Captaincy at Scorton in 1951, presented the Seat to Scorton Parish Council Chairlady, Fiona Hurwood-Foster.

The Stainless Steel Plaque reads:

Presented by the Society of Archers to the village of Scorton to mark the 300th Recorded Meeting in the 336th year of THE ANTIENT SILVER ARROW
held on Saturday 17th May 2008

(Standing L to R) Drew Stapleton, David Thomas, a Scorton Junior, Bernard Hide, Philip Rolls, Andrew Taylor, Keith Richards, Clive Roebuck, Danny Cameron, Lewis Mitchell, Dereck Wilcock

(2011 Captain Clive Wooley was delayed by traffic but joined later as shown below standing 3rd from right)

The Society of Archers Seat on the village green Scorton

Renewing a 300 year friendship and complete with the Antient Arrow. Society Members and Scorton’s Parish Councillors

There are more pictures in our 2011 photo gallery

The Antient Silver Arrow