The Society of Archer’s Grace

In keeping with traditions, the Lieutenant shall say Grace prior to Luncheon….

“Bless, most gracious Lord, those assembled here today.
As you have blessed all those who have met before in this noble Society.

Whilst we gather to compete in the name of sport, we meet not as rivals
– but as one in the brotherhood of the bow and in the fellowship of the
Ancient Silver Arrow.

Grant eternal and everlasting peace to all our predecessors,
Without whom our own presence on the field would not exist.
May we do them justice and dedicate this day to their honourable memory.

Bless also the food we are about to eat and the wine that we shall take.
We give thanks to those who have prepared it, to the Captain for his
generosity, and most of all we give thanks for the many good and
loyal friends with whom we share it.”

(All) Amen

The Antient Silver Arrow