The Articles of the Society of Archers

The original Articles (rules) of The Society of Archers were written on parchment on the 14th May 1673, the date of the first Tournament, held at Scorton, Nr Richmond, Yorkshire. * See below.

To give readers some idea of time scale; 1673 was seven years earlier than Captain James Cook, of Staithes, Nr Whitby, Yorkshire discovered Australia., Wild Boar still roamed around the English Countryside, Slavery was legal but witchcraft wasn’t., Scotland and England had not yet formed the Union, the American Declaration of Independence was still over 100 years away into the future – and them ‘Europeans’ were mainly people we use to fight against – especially the French!

To have ‘An Annual Exercise of Shooting at the Targetts for the Silver Arrow’, that is older even than some Countries; and that still continues to this day, is an incredible achievement. It is possibly the Worlds longest established sporting fixture.

It’s success and longevity is down to one ingredient; its members.

Most, if not all, being Yorkshiremen and Northeners.
Reliable, principled, loyal and with a possession of those special qualities of honour and tradition.

Throughout the Records that appear on the pages of this website, which make for fascinating reading, you will see many of those same trusted names appearing year after year, supporting the principles and articles of The Society of Archers and the Antient Scorton Silver Arrow Tournament.

Names like Matthew Greathead, the official scorer for 42 years who attends the meeting up until he is aged 99., (See records 1866)
Henry Peckitt (attends for 44 years) See Records 1884
Mr Arthur Parker of Settle, scorer for 38 years (see Records 1938)
Ben Hird (Captain in 1900) and still atending in 1972 – aged 92.

Members may fade and die but the Spirit of the Antient Scorton Silver Arrow lives on
from generation to generation.

I hope you will take the opportunity to read through some of the Societies original Records.

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The Antient Silver Arrow