Mock Scorton

The Society was contacted by Channel 5 Television in July 2008 asking if we could put on a ‘re-run’ of the Antient Silver Arrow Tournament – the following day so they could film it !

Obviously impossible – but not to miss the opportunity to promote Archery and the Antient Silver Arrow in particular, we contacted all our members by email and around twenty of them rallied to the call, meeting up on the evening at St Georges Archery Club in Harrogate, North Yorkshire where we spent round 2 hours being filmed.

The ‘mock Scorton’ was then shown on the Channel 5 TV Series ‘County Secrets’ which was broad-cast on Wednesday 8th October 2008.

Whilst the County Secrets Series itself is an excellent programme, Members will need to make their own minds up whether or not this ‘mock Scorton’ really does our Tournament true justice.?

By the time all the ‘good bits’ seem to have ended up on the cutting room floor, it only last a one and a half minutes. Still, the TV producers obviously recognise our historical significance and we are grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate the principles of the Tournament to a wider audience.

Thanks to all those members who came at such short notice and for making the effort with the best of intentions to show the World what the Antient Scorton Silver Arrow is all about.

link to youtube

The Antient Silver Arrow