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All material sent or submitted to this website is considered free to use and within the public domain. Likewise all material facts, references and records are also a matter of public record and free to use. Where an express copyright does exists, it must be so marked with the artists, authors or photographers name and the copyright symbol ©

Most (* but not all) material on this website is freely available to be used providing that the term “With kind permission from the Society of Archers” is used alongside.

Where material downloaded from our website is used on another website, it should be accompanied with “With kind permission from the Society of Archers” and ‘””.

* Exceptions. Where any material is marked with the copyright symbol © and bears the name of the owner of that material we are unable to grant any reproduction right and permission should be sought from the copyright holder.

The use of the Logo of the Society may only be used as i) a website link to the Societies websites: or or ii) may be used in a printed book, magazine or periodical that features a story or article about the Society.

Any other use of the Logo is expressly forbidden.


Under the Data Protection Act 1998, an individual has right to be be informed by an organisation whether it holds personal data on them and to have access to any such data, and if appropriate, to have the right to have any such data corrected or erased.

It is an established practise that all Members of the Society of Archers entering into the Antient Scorton Silver Arrow Competition do so in the knowledge that their Name, Score and Position will be entered into the Societies Record Books, in keeping with the traditions of the Society. That is the full extent of the information that is held and which is also displayed on this the Societies Website.

Sporting events that feature such information and photographs taken at sporting venues are a matter of public record and do not fall within the scope of the act.

The Antient Silver Arrow